Bukit Jugra

Banting, Beggar's Chicken

Bukit Jugra
Jugra is a sleepy village town near Banting, situated at the foot of a historical hill near the coast, about 45km north of Bagan Lalang and 30km away from Klang. It was once the royal seat of Selangor in colonial times, but traces of its history still remain in the palaces, masoleums and mosques seen standing here today. Like Tanjung Sepat, Jugra is a popular stopover for food, with its culinary icon being 'Beggar's Chicken', an ancient dish from China made by baking whole chickens (wrapped in paper with herbs) in crude brick kilns. Meanwhile, Bukit Jugra, the hill that overlooks the village and Kuala Langat River, is a popular viewpoint and paragliding spot.
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Jugra Town Bukit Jugra Hill Bukit Jugra Road Bukit Jugra Cemetary Bukit Jugra Lighthouse Bukit Jugra River View
Bukit Jugra Army Base Bukit Jugra Peak Bukit Jugra View Bukit Jugra Sea Sungai Langat Jugra Museum