Hotel Impian Morib

Banting, Resort

Impian Morib is a three star hotel in Banting located next to the Sri Morib Golf Club, about 1km before Pantai Morib and 30km after Bagan Lalang. This pretty resort has a boutique environment with lush gardens and a beautiful courtyard pool, with a seafront but no beach area. Accommodation consists of Superior and Deluxe Rooms housed in low-rise kampung-styled buildings, and pleasant chalets with either garden or sea views. The hotel also has several conference halls, the largest two Kelanang and Jugra sitting 220 and 210 pax theatre-style respectively. Towards the seafront, there is a small activity field with barbeque pits and a beach volleyball court.
    Number of Rooms: 92
  • Deluxe (Queen + Single Bed)
  • Chalet (Queen + Single Bed)
    * All rooms come with breakfast.
  • Ballroom
  • Function Halls
  • Swimming Pool
  • Temasya Restaurant
  • Gymnasium
  • Convenience Store
  • Activity Field.
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