Sepang Goldcoast

Beach, Restaurant

Sepang Gold Coast Resort at Bagan Lalang Beach
Sepang Goldcoast is a premier resort and tourist development at the central section of Bagan Lalang beach. Its iconic feature is a row of luxury sea villas stretched out at sea, but arranged in the shape of a palm tree (only noticeable when viewed from high up the sky). At the side of the resort along the northern beach portion, lies a collection of fancy restaurants and cafes nestled within a lush garden that opens up to an impressive view of Avani Sepang Goldcoast Resort, perched serenely on the blue horizon. While entry to the sea villas is strictly for guests, visitors can still enjoy the food and beverage opportunies along the Sepang Gold Coast beach section.
The entrance to Sepang Gold Coast is a small slit between the grassy fence along the main road; visitors enter a Balinese garden planted generously with verdant shrubs, bushes, palms and coconuts, with small fountains and gravel footpaths. Towards the beach section, coconut and casuarina trees displace the garden landscape, until a fine expense of white sand is all that remains. The environment follows an indigenous concept, with Balinese architecture, plenty of grassy vegetation and timber featuring prominently in building designs. The cafes and restaurants are mostly open-air structures supported by wooden posts and struts, while the roofs are thatched with dried lalang, a common species of grass shaped like a blade that grows in thick clumps.

Food Garden is one of two restaurants inside Sepang Gold Coast, a spacious hut hidden by trees and palms in the garden, serving steamboat cuisine with a selection of local dishes. Several gazebos have been built nearby for guests that prefer a more cosy and private setting. Facing the sea directly is Sunset Beach, formerly an Italian restaurant but now specialising in grilled food. While the restaurant is housed similiarly under a thatched hut, its main attraction is the outdoor patio, which is an elevated wooden platform extruding through the beach. Tables and chairs have been arranged on top the deck for patrons to dine, with a spendid view of the beach, sea and resort, especially at sunset.
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