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Kuala Selangor is a culinary heaven for seafood delights, but the experience is best enjoyed at traditional Chinese restaurants, perched on stilts along the river with a splendid view of the sunset. The rustic ambience and pleasant scenery provides an ideal setting for dinner after a long day of sightseeing, or before a session of firefly watching at the mangroves. Pasir Penambang is the most popular food destination for visitors, with a large clutter of floating restaurants along the river, but outlying village towns such as Ijok, Tanjung Karang and Sekinchan offer similiar restaurants. Prices are quite reasonable, and most menus have photos and English captions.

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Dinner Steamed Fish Crabs Prawns Squid Clams
Mantis Shrimp Fried Oysters with Omelette Curry Coconut Tom Yam Prawns Bamboo Clams Fish Ball Soup