Pantai Remis

Beach, Resort, Jeram

Pantai Remis Beach
Pantai Remis is a beach destination 20km south of Kuala Selangor at Sungai Sembilang in Jeram, perched along the coastal road to Klang. Named after the copious sea shells along the shore, it's a popular seaside retreat for locals to indulge in swimming, kite flying and fishing activities. Numerous hawker stall restaurants serve authentic Malay seafood cuisine, including traditional 'Ikan Bakar'; fish grilled on coals with a banana leaf wrapping. The beach itself lies along a long 2km stretch composed of sand, rocks and shells shaded by abundant Casuarina trees. Pantai Indah Seaview Resort, an apartment hotel, provides the only visitor accommodation at Pantai Remis.

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Pantai Remis Beach Pantai Remis Sea Beach Sand Pantai Remis Sea Shells Beach Pantai Remis Activities
Kite Flying Fishing Shopping at Pantai Remis Pantai Remis Market Pantai Remis Market Stalls Trader at Pantai Remis
Pantai Remis Fish Pantai Remis Seafood Pantai Remis Food Pantai Remis Restaurants Medan Selera Food Court Satay
Kerang Bakar Ikan Bakar Pantai Remis Sunset Beach View