Pantai Beserah

Beach, Batik, Village

Pantai Beserah Beach
Pantai Beserah is a beach destination 3km north of Kuantan along the east coast, home to a thriving fishing village and bustling cottage industry. Located right before Balok, the district is famed for its factories producing Batik (a traditional form of woven silk fabric), salted fish ('Ikan Masin), handicrafts made from sea shells and coconuts, and 'Keropok', a local snack of crackers made from fish paste. Visitors may also notice the abundance of water buffaloes in the area, which the fishing villages use to haul their catch home from their boats at sea. Within the vicinity is also a forest reserve that features a small cave (Gua Beserah) and pool fed by jungle streams, open to visitors.
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